Tombstone Photos

Tombstone Photos

James Wilkinson has submitted some wonderful tombstone photos of the family of Harris Tyner and Nancy Adair.

Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church founded by Elder William Tyner in 1802, built in 1812 near Brookville, IN

Lick Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Harrisburg, Fayette Co, Indiana

"Includes Nancy (Adair) Tyner Stephens (Married Burrell Stephens as Capt.Harris Tyner didn't come home from the Revolution. British Regular Army), her children James, John; James' wife Fanny (Martin) Tyner, also a Milton Tyner, whom I don't have a record on."

She was Harris Tyner's wife. She was left a widow after the Revolution.

NOTE: Stone stored inside Church. First wife of Elder William Tyner

Wife of John Tyner

Son of Nancy Tyner, twin brother to John Tyner

Buried near Washington, D.C.

Son of Nancy Tyner, twin brother to James Tyner

Horseshoe Bend Baptist Meeting House Cemetery, Westport, Decatur Co., Indiana
NOTE: William was a Baptist preacher and founder of Horseshoe Bend Baptist Meeting House

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