James Wilkinson has submitted some wonderful tombstone photos of the family of Harris Tyner and Nancy Adair. You can find them here.

Loren Holloway has submitted tombstone photos of the family of Hiram Tyner. You can find them here.

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Obidiah Edge, Rhoda Smith, Rhoda Wells
Obidiah Edge & Rhoda Smith Edge with their granddaughter Rhoda Wells.
Rhoda Smith was the Granddaughter of Dempsey Tyner
Jackson Tyner
Jackson Tyner
Judge Cooweescoowee District
Cherokee Nations 1861-1867

John H. Rodgers
John H. Rodgers
2nd Great Grandson of Dempsey Tyner

Laban and Ann Rpice
Laban and Ann Smith Price
Granddaughter of Dempsey Tyner
Obidiah Edge
 (Right to Left) Obidiah Edge Boy on end right Johnny
Girl Standing Syd Rogers other children unknown.
Reuben Tyner
Reuben Randall Tyner
james Buchanan Weaver Tyner
James Buchanan Weaver Tyner
Ann Smith Price
Ann Smith Price
Granddaughter of Dempsey Tyner

Rachel Smith
 Rachel Smith
Granddaughter of Dempsey Tyner

Joseph and Ida Wheeler
Joseph Wheeler Rodgers with wife Ida
3rd Great Grandson of Dempsey Tyner

"This is a picture of my Grandparents: This picture was taken the day they got married, I was told that when he asked her to marry him and she said yes, he leaned over to kiss her and she slapped him so hard he fell out the buggy. I remember them so well, they just about raised me." 
-Patricia Mills
Sarah Ann Yocum
Sarah Ann Sullivan Yocum, b. 1890 Gordo AL, daughter of Susan & Ike Sullivan
Great Granddaughter of Mary Emily Tyner.
"Sarah Ann is my grandmother, she has Cherokee indian blood, believed to be from
the Sullivan side.
" -Gloria McComas Moore
Susan Wallace and ike Sullivan
Susan Wallace & her husband Ike Sullivan
Susan, b.Mar 1872, Tuscaloosa Co., AL
Granddaughter of Mary Emily Tyner & Williaby/Willie B. Wallace.
Picture taken Ca. 1926.


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