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Dempsey Tyner, a full blood Cherokee, was born August 4, 1755 in Chowan Co, N.C. He was married to a full blood Cherokee woman, Obedience. He fought in the Revolutionary War. He died October 13, 1842 and is buried in Tyner’s Station cemetery near Chattanooga, Tenn. They were parents of 12 children.

One son, Lewis B. Tyner, moved to Missouri in 1851. His first wife, Fannie, moved with their two children, Lewis Jr. and Jesse, to Logan County, Arkansas about the same time.

Lewis (Babe) Tyner son of Lewis Jr., was born August 25, 1865 and died October 18, 1937. He married Martha Elizabeth Tyner in 1897. They were the parents of 12 children. One son, Robert Lee, was born at Gore, I.T. May 24, 1888 and died March 29, 1952 in Vinita, Oklahoma. Robert was Cherokee, receiving his land allotment near Claremore. He sold it and moved near Vinita. Mr. Tyner was a farmer and railroad man. Robert’s first marriage was to Violet Bailey, born Sept 10, 1892. She was from Windsor, Mo. They were married in Vinita. There were four children: Reginald Dunleigh Tyner born Nov. 9, 1911, Craig County, died May 15, 1922 in Vinita; Lester Woodrow Tyner born Sept 8, 1913, Vinita, died August 1977 Portland, Ore­gon; Clara Mae Tyner (Pratt) born May 8, 1915 in Todd, Oklahoma, (now lives in Bluejacket, Okla.); Pearl Alpha Fern Tyner born April 8, 1919 in Sageeyah, Okla. died Oct. 1, 1962 at Vinita. Violet and Robert divorced.

He married second, Lela Fabers. They lived at Vinita until his death, March 29, 1952. He is buried in Fairview Cemetery. Lela (Fabers) Tyner then moved to Sapulpa and lived there until her passing.

His first wife, Violet Bailey later married Henry Havin (1866-1912) They both are buried in Fairview Cemetery. Violet died Feb. 19, 1963

Robert was the grandfather of Violet Hamilton Gentry who is the daughter of Clara Mae Tyner and Henry (Bud) Hamilton. (See Volume 1, Bud Hamilton, biography)

by Violet Gentry

Source: A book in the Vinita Library, Oklahoma. The book is on old newspaper art. Number id F477 1960

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