This site is dedicated to sharing the genealogical research about our Tyner ancestors. Common spelling variations of Tyner include Tiner, Tinner, and Tinor. Here we will help Tyner descendants share their ancestor's information. It is hoped by sharing information we may increase the number of ancestors found and their descendants.

Please contribute. The only way to make this site a success is for everyone to contribute. If you have a Tyner ancestor, please contact us and share your ancestry, interest, etc. It could be you who relates that missing link!

There is no guarantee of the accuracy of this information. We emphasize here that some relationships will be posted on this site as speculation. Some researchers may also have conflicting facts and relationships in their data. Therefore, please remember that sites like these and public databases should be used only as guides. Be sure to do the research for yourself and verify anything you might find.

If you have questions, suggestions, additions, or corrections, please let us know.

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