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This site is dedicated to sharing the genealogical research about our ancestors. Common spelling variations of Tyner include Tiner, Tinner, and Tinor. You will find information on Nicholas, Dempsey, Richard, and other Tyner lines. Here we will help descendants share their ancestry and family history. It is hoped by sharing information we may increase the number of ancestors found. We also welcome you to submit any information on your Tyner ancestry you might think others will find useful.
User Submitted Data - 05/20/15
I received some input from a user who wanted me to correct some data on the website. This was regarding the deathplace of Dempsey Tyner. This user had a lot of data to back up his claim. Unfortunately, the data he wanted me to correct was in the user's trees area of the site. I do not see it as my place to edit this data, even if it is blatantly wrong. As I always preach, it's important to do your own research and not rely on what you read on a website. The user who contacted me definitely did this. But I thought I'd post a reminder here to never believe something you see on a website unless you've found records to back up that information.
Clarification of Myths - 08/25/13
Someone recently posted a great question in the site's Guestbook. They read the new "Myths & Misinformation" page and noticed one of the items posted contradicted what a Tyner researcher has posted on the "Trees" section of the site. This guest wanted to know why this info is still listed in the person's tree if i is wrong and I thought I should explain.

The trees posted on this site have been provided by other researchers. Like all other genealogical data, it is up to you, the researcher, to use this information as a starting point and verify another researcher's claims with facts. This goes especially for the trees here and on Ancestry.com. I feel it would be very wrong for me to edit/censor someone else's research and claim I know better so I would never do that. I can't emphasize the disclaimer at the top of the "Trees" page enough!
Email Fixed - 05/11/13
Just found out the contact email for this site had not been working for a while due to some changes on the server. It should be working now. I apologize if you've tried contacting me over the last few years. Please get in touch if you have something you want to discuss or anything to contribute!
New Page - 05/04/13
Wow! Has it really been over six years since the last update? Well, a new page has been added called Myths & Misinformation. Hope you like it and please let me know if you have anything you'd like to see added to the page.
Past News and Updates - 06/29/06
James Wilkinson has submitted several photos of tombstones for a number of descendants of Harris Tyner and Nancy Adair. You can find a link to them in the Photos section. More photos are on the way.

Also added is a direct link to the Tyner DNA Project results page. You can find it towards the bottom of the documents section. Bill & Ken have now color coded and broken the lines up in the chart so the results are easier to read and understand. So be sure to take a look.

Loren Holloway has submitted photos of tombstones for the family of Hiram Tyner. There is a link in the Photos section.

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